wtdumper (Generates an event report).

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Generates an event report.


wtdumper [–f file] [–t start_time] [–e end_time] [–o ASC | DESC]

[–m number] [–d]


d Lists detailed formatted information in the event report.

e end_time

Lists events that occurred prior to the specified date and time. The end_time parameter must be a date in the format of “Mon dd hh:mm:ss yyyy”. If this flag is omitted, the command uses the current time as the end time.

f file Writes output to the specified file.

m number

Specifies the maximum number of events to record in the report. If the number of events in the database exceeds the specified value, the command omits entries from the end of the report. For example, if the report is displayed in ascending order, the most recent database entries are not

included in the report.


Sets the order in which events are listed. The possible values

are: ASC Lists the oldest log entry first. This is the default value.

DESC Lists the most recent log entry first.

t start_time

Lists events that occurred after the specified date and time. The start_time parameter must be a date in the format of “Mon dd hh:mm:ss yyyy”.


The following example generates an event report that includes events that occurred between 7 PM on March 9, 1999 and 9 AM on March 12, 1999:

wtdumper –t "MAR 09 19:00:00 1999" –e "MAR 12 09:00:00 1999"