Upgrade TBSM EventEnablement

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Upgrade TBSM Event Enablement V3.1:

1. Check backup CORBA database (location /data/Tivoli/DbBackups)

2. Check TSM backup (under root: dsmc q fi)


    Create a new backup of the TDS directory (under root account):  tar cvf /tmp/tds.tar $BINDIR/TDS/*

3. Transfer software to system (allready prepared).

      Product: /appl/Tivoli/IR/Product/itecEventEnablement

      Patch: /appl/Tivoli/IR/Patches/itecEventEnablement

4. At the TEC server:

      Stop TEC: wstopesvr

      and  then

      Event Enablement (root account needed):



5. Install EE 3.1 software on the TEC server (via GUI: Desktop -> Install

->  Install Product  and  Install Patch


Location of new software:     /appl/Tivoli/IR/Products>itecEventEnablement



    Check with ' wslinst -ah ' for the new software:

      Tivoli Business Systems Manager Event Enablement 3.1

      Tivoli Business Systems Manager Event Enablement 3.1.0-FP0003


6. Start Event Enablement :


    Start tec server: wstartesvr


7. Verify events are send to TBSM (done by Jeroen).


8. After a few day you can delete the tar file (see 2).