TBSM Event Enablement

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TBSM Event Enablement

TBSM Event Enablement is configured on the  T/EC server.

The default location of the stop and start scripts are in the following location:

cd $BINDIR/TDS/EventService/bin


Start EventEnablement

To start EventEnablement:



Stop EventEnablement

To stop EventEnablement:


Modifications /etc/services

Standard Event Enablement using the port 4030! But in our services table this port was already defined (not used)

We modify this table so we see the correct info in netstat.

# vi /etc/services

#jdmn-port               4030/tcp               # Accell/JSP Daemon Port

#jdmn-port               4030/udp               # Accell/JSP Daemon Port

tbsm_ee                  4030/tcp               # TBSM Event Enablement

tbsm_ee                  4030/udp               # TBSM Event Enablement

Clearing event cache EventEnablement

$BINDIR/TDS/EventService/bin/ee_utility -c

Check Connection

#netstat -an | grep "\.4030 "

tcp4       0      0  *.4030                 *.*                    LISTEN

tcp4       0      0  <IP TEC server>.4030      <IP address TBSM server>.1241     ESTABLISHED

/usr/local/Tivoli/bin/aix4-r1/TDS/EventService/bin#nslookup <IP address TBSM server>

Server:  <address.FQDN>

Address:  <address>


Name:    <TBSM server name>

Address:  <IP address TBSM server>