How to start the Netcool Object Server, check if running

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Manually start the Object Server from the ncosys userid:

Run the following command to start the server:
  $OMNIHOME/bin/nco_objserv -name $objectservername &

You should receive something like this (for a 7.3.1 Netcool Omnibus):
   Netcool/OMNIbus Object Server - Version 7.3.1
   (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1994, 2007 Server '...' initialized - entering RUN state.

Test whether the Object Server is running 

  • Ping the server using nco_ping

  $NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_ping $objectservername
NCO_PING: Server available.

  • Use nco_sql to verify you can issue an Object Server query.

$NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_sql -server $objectservername -user root -password ""
At the sql prompt (1>), enter
select Serial, Summary from alerts.status
This should list the contents of the Serial and Summary fields of the events in the alerts.status table.
Enter “exit” to quit.

Connect using the Administrative X-window client from the Object Server

start an X-window client and check e.g. with xclock if environment is correctly set.

Open the Administrator console to the Omnibus Object Server:

Define a connection to the newly created Object server.

Test the connectivity to the Object Server after creating the connection.

Logon to the Administrator GUI using the following command:

When prompted for ID & password, use “root” for ID, and ".." password,which will open the Administrator console to the Omnibus Object Server.
f.    This demonstrates that object server is running and accepting users.
g. Alternately, use $NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco to test the “Event List”. This provides only the ability to view the Event lists and not administrator functionalities.