Migrate ITM6 agents to another environment or another RTEMS pair

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If there is an unbalance in spreading of agents in the ITM6 environment or you want to move agents from 1 ITM6 environment to another ITM6 environment you can use the following command to move the agents on a server:

moving ITM6 agents on a Windows server with: 

tacmd setagentconnection -n <hostname>:NT -a -p SERVER=<IP address prim RTEMS> PROTOCOL=IP.SPIPE BACKUP=Y BSERVER=<IP address failover RTEMS> BPROTOCOL=IP.SPIPE 

if you use IP.PIPE instead of IP.SPIPE in the example above ... specify IP.PIPE :-)



Moving ITM6 agent on Unix platfor (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris): 

tacmd setagentconnection -n <hostname>:KUX -a -e CT_CMSLIST='ip.spipe:<IP address prim RTEMS>;ip.spipe:<IP address failover RTEMS>'

Also here if you use IP.PIPE for communication instead of IP.SPIPE.... specify that.