ITM6 - TEP / TEPS is very slow / bad responce

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Sign-on to the TEPS (Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server)

# cd $CANDLEHOME/logs

search for the latest cq_KfwServices log file(s)
# ls -altr *cq_KfwServices*

Look into these file(s)
# ras1log -l _cq_KfwServices_.log | grep !=

If you see a lot of lines like:
(2016/11/28,09:03:02.0000-13:ctcmwmanagedsystemsmanager.cpp,2913,"CTCMWManagedSystemsManager::statusUpdate") ** IP ADDR CHANGE ':KUL' '' != ''
(2016/11/28,09:10:36.0000-13:ctcmwmanagedsystemsmanager.cpp,2913,"CTCMWManagedSystemsManager::statusUpdate") ** IP ADDR CHANGE ':KUL' '' != ''

Look locally in this case on the hosts with IP and
if the variable CTIRA_HOSTNAME and CTIRA_SYSTEM_NAME in the .ini in this example PC => ul agent => ul.ini in $CANDLEHOME/config directory are the same hostname, the agent / machine is maybe cloned or the ini file is copied from 1 machine to the other ....
correct the ini file do a stop and start of the agent and look in the TEPS if the duplicate is solved.

TEPS can slowing down if this situation is there and frequently IP addresses are changed.