iKnow_IT a challenging trivia

iPhone with iKnow_IT Trivia

We are challenging you to get the highest score on the mobile app iKnow_IT!

The questions are all IT related

You have 10 seconds to read the question and the possible answers and give the correct answer.  If you make one mistake ... your score will fall back to 0, but every Highest Score is saved to the Server. So you can challenge others to get the highest score. The questions are in a completely random order, and that can be frustrated in order to achieve a high score!

Very addictive and frustrating but fun!

iKnow_IT Play screen iKnow_IT question screen 

iKnow_IT user account screen iKnow_IT invite screen

iknow_IT highest score iKnow_IT settings screen


This Apps are build in Appcelerator Studio and Drupal as backend and now available in the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Apple App Store 

Google Play Store