Drupal 8 add new Contact form

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In this tutorial I'll show you how to add a customized contact from to your website.

I want to add a telephone number to the "standard contact form".

Goto "Extend"
Select the "Telephone" field under "Field Types".
Click on "Install"

Goto "Structure" => "Contact forms"
Click on "Edit" Website feedback

Under "Manage fields"
Click on "Add field"
Select "Telephone number" under "Add a new field"
Label = "Telephone number"

Save and Continue
Save field settings

Click on "Required field"

Save settings

Goto "Manage form display"
Drag and drop "Telephone number"  after "Subject"

Click on "Save"

Under "Manage display" tab
drag and drop "Telephone number" above "Message"


Goto "Structure" => "Contact forms"
Click on "Website feedback" link
Copy "/contact/feedback" into you buffer on mac "Command C" on PC "Ctrl C"

Goto "Structure" => "Menus"
Edit "Main navigation" menu

Click on "Add link"
Menu link title = "Contact"
Link = "/contact/feedback"
Description = "Contact"


Drag and drop "Home" before "Bike"  link