Drupal 7 WYSIWYG Editor TinyMCE and IMCE image/file uploader and browser

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download the following: (latest version)


sudo su - 

cd /var/www/jasper/sites/all/modules
cp /home/jasper/Downloads/wysiwyg-7.x-2.2.tar.gz .
cp /home/jasper/Downloads/imce* .
tar xzvf wysiwyg-7.x-2.2.tar.gz
chown -R www-data.www-data wysiwyg

tar xzvf imce-7.x-1.7.tar.gz
tar xzvf imce_wysiwyg-7.x-1.0.tar.gz 
chown -R www-data.www-data imce*

rm *.gz


sign on as Admin

Goto > Modules =>  

Select:  =>

IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge

Save configuration

Goto> Configuration  

=> Wysiwyg profiles 


Goto http://www.tinymce.com/download/download.php in anouther Browser tab

download the latest Main packages (3.x). This version is compatible with the WYSIWYG module

cd /var/www/jasper/sites/all/
mkdir libraries
chown www-data.www-data libraries
cd libraries
cp /home/jasper/Downloads/tinymce_3.5.10.zip .
unzip tinymce_3.5.10.zip
rm tinymce_3.5.10.zip 
chown -R www-data.www-data tinymce


Refresh browser screen where you just installed the WYSIWYG modules



„Filtered HTML” =>  TinyMCE 3.* editor
„Full HMTL” =>  TinyMCE 3.* editor

„Save”   => Edit  (e.g. „filtered html” ) => Buttons and plugins

Select: Bold, Italic, underline (, Image, IMCE if you trust the authenticated users)

„Save”   => Edit  (e.g. „Full html”) => Buttons and plugins

Select: Bold, Italic, underline, Image, IMCE, .... (and other if needed)



Goto > Module => config „IMCE”

=> Edit „User-1”

modify the settings like thumbnails etc

Save configuration


Goto …>Media >IMCE

Admin -> User-1
authenticated user -> User-1

Save configuration


If you trust the authenticated users you can add the "Image button" and <img> tag as allowed img tag (there is a security risk with enabling this feature)

Goto > Configuration => Text formats
> configure „Filtered HTML”
> Limit allowed HTML tags
> add „<img>” 

Save configuration