Add "content type", add "View" and add "Permissions"

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Structure => Content types => Add content type

Name: "AIX"
Title field label: "AIX"

Publishing options: uncheck "Promoted to front page"

XML sitemap:  select Inclusion: Included

=> "Save content type"

Structure => Views => Add new view

View name: "AIX"
show content of type "AIX"

Display format "Table"

Items to display = 20

check: "Create a menu link"
Select "Navigation"

"Save & exit"

Structure => Views => edit ("AIX")
Use pager: check "Paged output, mini pager"

Apply (all displays)

Apply (all displays)


People => PERMISSIONS (tab)

"AIX": Create new content => "AUTHENTICATED USER" =>"V"
"AIX": Edit own content => "AUTHENTICATED USER" => "V"
"AIX": Edit any content => "ADMINISTRATOR" => "V"
"AIX": Delete own content => "AUTHENTICATED USER" => "V"
"AIX": Delete any content => "ADMINISTRATOR" => "V"

Save permissions