Update a Drupal module

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Make a backup of the files and make a backup of the database.

update a module:
- make site offline:
     Administer -> site configuration -> site maintenance
         fill in some text ...
        click on “offline” and “save configuration”

- check in other brouwser if the site is offline.

- Go to the folder where youre site is located (public_html) remove all the files there except:

- goto "sites/all/modules"

- remove the [old package]
       (!!!!do not rename the old package !!!!)

- copy the [new package] into "sites/all/modules"

- unzip package with "gunzip [new package]"

- untar the pachakge "tar xvf [new package].tar"

- remove the tar file "rm [new package].tar"

- if necessary make the same authorization as the other packages "chown -R ...:... [package]

- start update if a new version is placed:
   check if ok now view “status report” and “available update” and repeat above steps.

- if your package(s) are up to date make site online:
     Administer -> site configuration -> site maintenance