Update the Drupal core environment

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Make a backup of the files and make a backup of the database.

update core module:
- make site offline:
     Administer -> site configuration -> site maintenance
     fill in some text ...
     click on “offline” and “save configuration”

- check in other brouwser if the site is offline.

- switch off modules:
     Administer -> Site building -> Modules
     do not switch off the "core optional" and "core require" modules, the rest must be switched off Make a note what you switched off!!
     Save configuration Repeat this last step if there are dependencies!

- switch off not standard themes:
     Administer -> site building -> themes

- Go to the folder where youre site is located (public_html) remove all the files there except:
     sites folder
     robot.txt file
     google...html file (if exist)
     bigdump.php file (if exist)
     ...sql file (if exist)
cp the new drupal verion to this location except:
     sites folder
     robot.txt file

- start update:
     click continue
     click update

- After successful upgrade all the modules can be turned on and custom theme can be turned on.

- make site online: Administer -> site configuration -> site maintenance