GMAP API KEY v2 replaced with v3

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to get the old version 2 working on a drupal 6 gmap working:

1. log in to ""
2. Create New Project
3. Under Services - turn on only Google Maps API v2
4. Click on API Access link on the left side
5. Click on Create an OAuth 2.0 Cleint ID , the blue tab in the center
6. Brand your API i.e Product X (Your brand name) and your logo at
7. Click Next and click Web Application and leave your web address in the host name ( and click on Create ID tab
8. Click on Create New Browser Key tab at the bottom.
9. In Accept requests from these HTTP referers (web sites) space: Put the following addresses of your web site
1. Click create the Key tab
2. Copy your API key and Paste in
3. test the new generated key